Rokko Island Hotel Plaza Kobe

Kobe Rokko Island

The unique view if Kobe bayside at night All the guest room are situated on the 12th floor and above and you can afford the view of the sea below.

From the east-facing side of the room, you can see the Port of Osaka and the refreshing sunrise. From the west-facing rooms, a view of the port of Kobe and the sun setting over the mountains.

The location on the island means there are not many buildings obscuring the view, and you can thoroughly enjoy a nightscape unique to the bayside from most rooms.

[Important notice] Apology and notice regarding the delivery of messages that lead to phishing sites

It has recently been confirmed that a message directing to
a phishing site (*) was sent to some customers who made reservations
at Hotel Plaza Kobe through
(Headquarters: Amsterdam (Netherlands)).

Please note that does not ask for credit card information
or request payment via email or chat with customers who have made a reservation.

Our response is to request to promptly report the situation
and the results of the investigation, and we are investigating the details,
but we confirm that there has been no breach of’s
important back-end systems or infrastructure.
We have received a report from the company.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience
and concern this may cause our customers.

*A “phishing site” is a fake website that disguises itself as a real website
in order to steal personal or financial information using fraudulent methods.

1. History of the event
On December 20, 2023, our staff sent a phishing site to some customers
who had booked accommodation through using the chat function
of the system managed by and our company.
We have confirmed that a message with a URL link that leads to a phishing site.

2. Request to customers If you receive a suspicious message,
please refrain from accessing the attached URL link.
For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact us using
the contact information below.

[Customer Desk]
Phone number: (in Japan) 03-6743-6650 (24 hours available)
International Number(English) +44 20 3320 2609

3. Future actions and measures to prevent recurrence We are currently working
with to investigate the cause of the incident,
and are taking all necessary measures to prevent it from happening again.

Once again, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience and concern
we have caused our customers.

Hotel Plaza Kobe General Manager